The Adamed Group is a Polish pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that is a leader on the Polish market of next generation drugs.

For over 25 years the company has been providing patients with medicinal products of the highest quality in many therapeutic groups, such as: cardiology, psychiatry, pulmonology, genecology and in treating urinary tract infections. Success of our products on the domestic market initiated dynamic growth in exports. Adamed has offices in Spain, Russsia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. At present, our products are available in more that 40 countries and the company’s position on the international arena is continually growing.

In 2010 the Adamed Group was formed and includes Adamed, Polfa Pabianice and Adamed Consumer Healthcare – a company formed after acquiring Agropharm. Adamed Consumer Healthcare produces OTC products and diet supplements. Through close cooperation with Adamed R&D Department a number of innovative formulas for dermocosmetics have been created and patented. Adamed Consumer Healthcare commenced sales of its products in 2010. Adamed is fully funded by Polish capital. In was founded in 1986. Maciej Adamkiewicz is the President of the Adamed Group.

Please find below their product list:

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