Indukern Chemie A.G

Indukern Chemie A.G

Indukern Chemie AG is part of Indukern Group and one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials for the veterinary, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and feed industry.

Since 1986 we are your global partner for supply chain management, cost efficiency and sourcing. Our aim is to keep our customers and partners ahead competition and serve their needs of innovation with in-time service and personal engagement.

With more than 20 sales offices, subsidiaries and group related sales offices all over the world – Indukern is able to take care about your supply chain globally.

Exclusive distribution rights have been established with some producers, giving Indukern an edge over the competition.

The materials and products are shipped in bulk to Hamburg (Germany) and/or Rotterdam (Holland). Six fulltime employees work in a space of 3'000 m2, maintaining correct chemical storage and inventory control. More than 450 different bulk products, including generic pharmaceuticals, weighing 1'000 to 1'500 tons, with a value of about USD 15 million are stored in Hamburg. This enables prompt dispatching to customers in over 40 countries. Quality control during storage is performed by a local laboratory.

For Human Pharmaceuticals, the following list is an extract of some of INDUKERN’s strongest products.

     - Acetyl Salicylic Acid
     - Amoxycillin Trihydrate
     - Caffein Anhydrous
     - Carbamazepin
     - Chloramphenicol Levo
     - Cinnarizine
     - Ethambutol HCl
     - Metamizole Sodium
     - Paracetamol
     - Phenobarbital
     - Rimantadine HCl
     - Simvastatine
     - Sulfamethoxazole
     - Vitamin C

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